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A New Life In The Tropical  Jungle

Hey I’m Lucie, Frontier’s new Marine Assistant ResearchOfficer at camp in Madagascar! Over the last few days I’ve been familiarising myself with camp life, met all of the other members of staff and volunteers and started training for the invertebrate and reef fish surveys.

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Most people in Europe will have had 14 years of Education with Interactive White Boards, Computers, the option of a warm meal for lunch, a Climbing Frame with a nearby Football Pitch... seems pretty common.

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Staff Profile - Cass  McGilvray

I have worked in Africa before and am insanely and irrevocably in love with this continent! Madagascar is a country that I knew very little about before arriving. I saw the job description and researched the current initiatives that I would be working on and fell in love with the idea of being here.

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A Morning Watching My Volunteer  Teachers!

In the aftermath of the cyclone that hit Madagascar this week, school opened again for the first time this morning.  Having completed all of my paper work at the house I decided to go to watch my volunteers in their element – in front of their respective classes!

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