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Never a Dull  Moment

We are very lucky on the community side to have the best of both worlds; Monday to Thursday we spend in Hell-Ville town (with all the luxuries of a proper house, toilets, supermarkets and cafes), whilst at midday on Thursday we leave to join the conservation volunteers at our camp location next to Lokobe national park.

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Living in the  Community

Frontier basecamp, Madagascar, I situated on a distant but beautiful place. The nearest city is far away and at night there is hardly any lights to be seen. Even though this camp seems to be pretty low on neighbours, that’s definitely not the case. The village of Ambalahonko is right on the other side of the camps fence, which makes the village our closest neighbour society.

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A Month Measured In  People

My month in Madagascar doing the community TEFL project has been one of the most incredible opportunities of my life. I’ve had new experiences, done things that I’m really proud of but most importantly met some amazing new people.

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First Day In  Hellville

The moment I stepped off the plane in Nosy Be, all of my nerves turned into excitement. I got picked up from the airport straight away by a member of Frontier and taken to Hell-Ville. One of the first things I noticed was of course the heat (which I think will take a while for me to get used to), but I was stunned by how green it all is.

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Mora  Mora

‘Mora Mora’ – two words that perfectly sum up the Malagasy lifestyle here on Nosy Be. Directly translating to ‘slow slow’, is always on the lips of a local, etched into their everyday life in such a subtly pervasive way that it is practically impossible not to adapt.

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