Mora  Mora

‘Mora Mora’ – two words that perfectly sum up the Malagasy lifestyle here on Nosy Be. Directly translating to ‘slow slow’, is always on the lips of a local, etched into their everyday life in such a subtly pervasive way that it is practically impossible not to adapt.

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A Morning Watching My Volunteer  Teachers!

In the aftermath of the cyclone that hit Madagascar this week, school opened again for the first time this morning.  Having completed all of my paper work at the house I decided to go to watch my volunteers in their element – in front of their respective classes!

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Staff Profile - Project Coordinator  Celine

Interesting fact about yourself? I am an extremely non-identical twin! My curly dark brown haired, green eyed brother works hard running business workshops based out of a London office – a rather different environment!

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When Santa Came To Hellville

We all know Santa is incredibly busy at this time of the year. However, this year he paid special attention to the small town of Hellville, he even brought his band with him!

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Meet Project Coordinator Celine Kerslake-Sim

Celine first arrived in Nosy Be in March this year, for 6 months, as the Teaching Project Coordinator; but soon after arriving home, decided that she missed it too much and needed to come back. This time she's here for a year as Project Coordinator for Frontier Madagascar. She clearly just can’t get enough of Madagascar! I interrogated her to find out more…

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