Laughter, Smiles and more  Laughter!

Having been here for nearly 4 months now it is well time I wrote a blog. Even after so many weeks I still can’t take for granted the vibrancy and energy of the community here.

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The unofficial kit list for Madagascar  Teaching

Teaching in Madagascar is a challenge as well as being enjoyable and immensly rewarding. So to get the most out of it, you'll need the unofficial kit list!

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A Month Measured In  People

My month in Madagascar doing the community TEFL project has been one of the most incredible opportunities of my life. I’ve had new experiences, done things that I’m really proud of but most importantly met some amazing new people.

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Impromptu Forest Walk 

You wouldn’t think that being a Community volunteer you would be able to see any more than the thriving and fascinating culture that is the Malagasy way of life. But going to Ambalahonko to visit the mariners and foresters on camp turned out to be more than a couple of days of chilling in a hammock with a book and the sound of the sea and some tropical bird or other.

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My First Week Of Sports Lessons 

My first week of sports lessons is something I will never forget. Before my first lesson of teaching I was a bit worried what I had planned wouldn’t be fun for the kids, however, I was very wrong.

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