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A New Life In The Tropical  Jungle

Hey I’m Lucie, Frontier’s new Marine Assistant ResearchOfficer at camp in Madagascar! Over the last few days I’ve been familiarising myself with camp life, met all of the other members of staff and volunteers and started training for the invertebrate and reef fish surveys.

Our camp is situated right on the beach where a band of mangroves runs along the water line and a row of palm trees boarders between the beach and our lodgings. All around is stunning, dense, tropical rainforest teaming with wildlife. In the following week, I hope to do a few forest walks and hopefully see some lemurs too! Camp is within a small village that we were given a tour of by Stan, one of the locals. We went to see their coco and vanilla plants, small collection of livestock, their shops and we also met the president of the village and his family.

Since arriving, I’ve done two dives at Nosy Vorona, on a shallow but beautiful reef. Visibility was a little reduced due the cyclone that passed by Nosy Be a couple of days before, but we still saw an abundance of corals, reef fish and even a little squid. Although for the remainder of the week I’ve been unable to dive, I look forward to getting back in the water as soon as possible!

This week we’ve had a coupleof trips to Hellville, a lovely little town where we get all of our stocks and supplies. Hellville is a busy and bustling town with vibrant marketsand street food stalls and I look forward to exploring the town more.

The Malagasy people in Hellville and our camp village have been so nice and very welcoming. I’m excited to learn more about the culture and language andI have a feeling this is going to be a great few months in Madagascar!

By Lucie Bennett - Madagascar Assistant Research Officer

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