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The unofficial kit list for Madagascar  Teaching

Teaching in Madagascar is a challenge as well as being enjoyable and immensly rewarding. So to get the most out of it, you'll need the unofficial kit list!

- Your best copperplate handwriting, honestly the kids will put your lazy scrawl to shame (Optional)

- Not too many inhibitions – so that you can fully embrace stupid actions and faces to the delight of your students (Essential)

- The confidence to keep making a fool of yourself even when they continue to stare at you like you’re literally an alien (Essential)

- An appreciation for all things improvised, sometimes all the desks are taken from the classroom to fit out a town celebration so you just have to teach outside for an hour instead (Essential)

- A phone free of ugly seflies because they will take it and look through photos and laugh for 15+ minutes at that stupid double chin photo you accidentally saved from snapchat (Reccommended)

- The self restraint to stop yourself from cuddling the cutest kids in the middle of the lesson (Optional)

- The ability to chase a dog/chicken/zebu out of the class while simultaneously summarising the use of the conditional present tense (Recommended)

- A desire to learn that equals your desire to teach (Essential)

- The will power not to buy one of Casa Mofos Tarte Amandines every time you go in to steal wifi (Optional)

- The ability to squeeze 10 people into a taxi that was only meant for 5 (Recommended)

- A big heart and a genuine interest in the lives of people who you will be lucky enough to meet (Essential). No matter how removed your life may be from theirs at the start of the trip, by the end they will be linked forever

And if you don’t have all of these things packed – don’t worry! You’ll definitely come home with them.

By Holly Findlay - Madagascar Community Volunteer

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