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My First Week Of Sports Lessons 

My first week of sports lessons is something I will never forget. Before my first lesson of teaching I was a bit worried what I had planned wouldn’t be fun for the kids, however, I was very wrong.

Simple things such as warm ups the children seemed to love and they would be quite happy to copy me doing warm ups all lesson. After a minute or so of trying to translate and showing examples we did some sports day relays, such as running and balancing cones on their heads. They would find it hilarious when one of their classmates’ cones fell off their head. Seeing them smile and laugh at such simple games made me realise how lucky I am at home. Our lesson just before break had to be finished quickly before all the students came out to the playground; before we knew it over 100 children were trying to kick one football. Leaving the school is probably the hardest part. All the children want to come and say hello and give you a high five. They seemed so happy that we were there, because I don’t think they do many sports lessons. I’m just glad I am here for so long because seeing them smiling and laughing is something I will treasure forever.

By Freddie Lock – Madagascar Community Volunteer

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