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From Conservation to  Teaching

After working in both marine and forest with wildlife, it was definitely a change to move to the town and start teaching. At first the thought of it was very daunting as it was very different to anything I have ever done but now looking back on it I am so glad I decided to this part of the project.

It is great to see how much the Malagasy students want to learn across all the age ranges and how enthusiastic they are. I definitely needed the most energy for the Ecole Soer kids, a great experience but tiring. I learnt they feed off your energy so the more enthusiastic you are, the more excited happy and evolved they are. This week Ecole Frere had exams which meant lots of marking for me but you can definitely see how hard they are trying from their exam results. It is so great to mark a paper with high or even full marks!

Youth Club was a definite change from standing in front of a class of about 70 children to standing in front of a room of about 30 adults. This was a really enjoyable experience and it is great to see how many people turn up on their own accord, in their free time to learn English. The atmosphere was definitely more relaxed compared to the schools and it is a lot easier to have a more developed conversation with the student and easier to explain or teach them new words. All the students were really friendly, polite and very funny. This was definitely a highlight of this part of the project.

I really enjoyed teaching at Agricultural school. The students there haven’t had as much English tuition but they are roughly the same age as the students at Youth club. Again, they are very funny and their classes are a lot more relaxed than at the schools. Conversations are harder with the students but basic questions, sentences and facial expressions help to put the meaning across.

The community project is definitely an experience people should partake in, each class is so different and it is so rewarding to see the students learning and improving over the space of a lesson or a week.

By Bernice Almond - Madagascar Teaching, Wildlife and Diving

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