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Laughter, Smiles and more  Laughter!

Having been here for nearly 4 months now it is well time I wrote a blog. Even after so many weeks I still can’t take for granted the vibrancy and energy of the community here.

Wherever you arrive, be it at Youth club, Stella Maria Rehabilitation Centre or at Ambalahonko village you are welcomed with broad smiles and open arms. It is indescribable how good this makes you feel.

The Malagasy are a population of laughter, trust and optimism. Even the poorest communities find so much joy in day-to-day life, and this joy is contagious. Worries melt away as they hoot with laughter at your attempts to speak the language or someone dancing or in fact anything really. I am pretty sure I have never laughed as much in my life as in the last 4 months.

Many people here are used to dealing with sorrow and difficult situations, life can be hard in a developing country such as this. Their attitude helps them overcome these obstacles and continue their lives. It can be a useful lesson to us Westerners as we get so hung up on time keeping, embarrassing ourselves and giving the right impression. The longer volunteers stay here the more relaxed and joyful they seem to become as they slip into the Malagasy way of life. This change is a wonderful thing to see.

By Florence Pettit - Madagascar Community & Teaching Project Coordinator

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