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Monday Night Youth Club 


Every week our community volunteers run a youth club in Hell-Ville. On Monday night, there was a great turn out of roughly 30 young people, who came to learn about Job Interviews.

Nathan, one of our teaching volunteers, began the session by teaching the children some key vocabulary. He explained the differences between a formal and informal interview, what each involve and provided some examples. Everybody came prepared with their notebooks and pens- keen to write all the information down.

On the small island of Nosy Be, local people speak French and Malagasy therefore, it’s sometimes difficult to communicate in English. However, volunteers Marie, Madeleine and Dee were there to lend a hand, as some of the children were as young as 7.

The hall was full, and during the night more people came to join in. Everyone wanted to get involved which was great to see. The children were very keen to practice their English so towards the end of the night, Nathan divided them into smaller groups and created a mock interview scenario. Marie took one group, Madeleine another and Dee took the rest. A piece of paper told the children the requirements for a hotel manager job which they would be applying for. After some practice and preparation, the children were interviewed individually by the volunteers.

To conclude the evening, they all played a game of ‘splat’, which was great fun and got everyone involved. The children look forward to youth club, especially the game of splat at the end.

By Amy Wright - Field Communications Officer

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