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Slide, swings, sand and sea: An Afternoon at Stella Maria

We hopped into a taxi and ventured along the coast to Manga Be where volunteers go to entertain the children whilst the nuns learn English. Here some of the children are recovering from surgery to relieve their clubbed feet. The centre is located right in the beach, the perfect location to play!

As soon as we arrived the children were delighted and immediately pulled us towards their play area. We went on the slide, swings, sand and in the sea. The children ranged from the age of 2 to 16 yet all really enjoyed our company. We spent a good hour in the sea until I think we were more tired than them. Fun clearly has no language barrier.

They particularly found the size of volunteer Josh’s feet rather amusing and enjoyed impersonating him around the playground. A little girl called Antonia didn’t allow Alex out of her sight and clung to her in the sea -she was very sweet. Some of the boys got quite brave and enjoyed being spun about by Nathan in the sea.

Whilst we kept the children busy, Angela attempted to teach the nuns ‘heads, shoulders, knees and toes’. We had to giggle because the nuns repeated the song to Angela but had to stop at knees. She looked down at her feet and simply said ‘no, I cannot reach’.

After we’d finished playing with the children we headed to the beach to watch the sunset before grabbing a taxi back to Hell-Ville. A good day all round!

By Amy Wright - Field Communications Officer

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