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Misaortra, Nosy  Be

The sun sets over the hill of Ambalahonko; the most spectacular colours fills the sky while the lush, green forest fades into the backround.

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I Would Recommend This Experience To  Anyone

Myself and two friends arrived in Antananarivo the night before getting to camp. Antananarivo is one of the more dodgy cities I’ve ever visited with our hotel being inside a compound with a mob of guards outside. After assessing the situation we decided to stay inside until our flight the next day. After a long sleep we got a taxi back to the ever chaotic airport.

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The Fence Of  Mangroves

Surrounding the camp and the village, along the beach and growing next to the rivers here, are mangroves. They easily stand out; looking either like floating big bushes during high tide, and thin Ents covered in shells walking on nail mats during low tide.

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Trip To Diego  University

This week 4 Frontier staff, 2 translators, and I (the lonely volunteer) paid a visit to the University of Antisiranana to teach English and Science.

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First Week, First  Impression

What makes someone leave their country, loved ones, and the comforts of western society for a 6 month position on the other side of the world?

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