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All the delights of  Diving

I'll never forget my first Open Water Dive. The adrenaline which I've now learnt accompanies every dive was bubbling through my veins much like the air from a regulator. The feeling of astonishment when you put your head under the water and see fish dart past you in amongst the corals, colours so vivid you almost can't believe your eyes.

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Night  Diving

Since I arrived at camp about a month ago I've done two night dives which have both been amazing...

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Submerging into the underwater  World

As a dive officer in the Frontier camp in Madagascar the daily duties change from week to week bringing up new challenges. General volunteer managing and maintanance of equipment is a big part but the true interest lies the dive related activities and making sure dive training is given in a fun and safe manner.

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Staff Profile - Dive Officer  Georgia

Say hello to Georgia! Roughly half way through her stay her in Madagascar, our Dive Officer from London gives us the lowdown on her time so far!

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