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Night  Diving

Since I arrived at camp about a month ago I've done two night dives which have both been amazing...

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A Day as a marine conservation  Volunteer

The days here are long, varied, hard work and massively enjoyable. Here's a break down of the typical day in the life of a marine conservation volunteer in Madagascar!

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Misaortra, Nosy  Be

The sun sets over the hill of Ambalahonko; the most spectacular colours fills the sky while the lush, green forest fades into the backround.

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Adventure Hill  Climb

At 4am, the camp started to murmur and a flicker of light shone where each inmate’s head moved sluggishly to get ready. We raided the food hut for bananas and oranges as it was too early for the regular sabeda to be cooked.

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My Favourite Dive  Site

I’ve been on Nosy-Be for a week now and so far my favourite dive site is Verona. We went to Verona on my 4th day in camp, to do two of the dives for my Advanced Open Water, my PPB and Navigation dives, which were super fun

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