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Staff Profile - Tali Nachoom

I’m a recently qualified Commercial Diver. I love being underwater so much I’m on my way to make it my full time job

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My First Two Weeks in Madagascar!

I came to Madagascar for the wildlife and to learn to dive. After only two weeks, I have not been disappointed! Madagascar is renowned for its diving opportunities; I figured there was not better place to learn to scuba dive. With endemism being so high here, every find is exciting. What I wasn't expecting was the opportunity to tag along with the foresters on bird surveys, reptile surveys and night walks. The rainy season is a particularly great time to see reptiles and amphibians.

Fiona DyrhaugeThe first time you breath underwater is unforgettable, but the first time you dive underwater is incredible.  People had told me diving was like being in a new world, and they were right. The sensation of everything being still and calm, yet exciting at the same time is incredible. My dive instructor, Juliet, is a brilliant guide to this new world. On our first dive we explored the reef, finding little black damsel fish swimming in the corals, hundreds of sea urchins, and a cowrie with its smooth shell and hundreds of tiny feelers. We jived on the sea floor, and 'superman-ed it' where we sped through the water.  Juliet is the best instructor you could hope for; calm, encouraging and barrels of fun.

Georgia LorentiBeing a Malagasy mariner is undeniably a fantastic experience. When I'm not diving I have been lucky enough to join the foresters on an array of surveys. On reptile walks I've seen chameleons, lizards, geckos and even a fully grown Lanagha madagascariensis (snake) - a rarity because they're so hard to spot! My most memorable experience with the foresters was on night walk. We were admiring a Brookesia stumpffi (chameleon) when a juvenile sportive lemur fell out of the trees right next to us! It was only about 2m away from us! It was just incredible!

Katie WatsonAfter two weeks I'm well on the way to completing my PADI Open Water certificate, and I've had so many amazing encounters with wildlife. I'm excited to see what's to come on this Malagasy adventure.

By Katie Watson - Wildlife Conservation Volunteer

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