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Misaortra, Nosy  Be

The sun sets over the hill of Ambalahonko; the most spectacular colours fills the sky while the lush, green forest fades into the backround. All that is possible to see is the fan sihouette of the idealic Travellers Palm. Fireflies, so beautiful, appear with dusk, twinkling like stardust over the sea. Loud, but calming sounds coming from the forest that surrounds our perfect, simple camp. This is our home for the next few weeks; or months for the lucky.

Going to sleep and waking up with the sun, every morning filled with hope and excitment of what the new day will bring. New adventures. New discoveries. From the raw and beautiful forest or in the magestic allure of the sea. Surrounded by endemic species; lemurs, chameleons, tutrles and the brightest, coloured fish are just some of the daily encoutners we get to appreciate on Nosy Be.

While sitting on the beach right outside camp, we are welcomed with endless smiles and friendliness from the locals. Living beside the village, we get a glimpse of their life and expereinece their daily chores. Whether its catching fish or collecting cocnuts for dinner, to building a new addition to their traditional bamboo homes, even the yougest members of the family take part. The people of Ambalahonko love their music and celebrate any chance they get; dancing Malagasy-style until the sun comes up. The openess and curisoty they show us is heartwarming; Inviting us to their celebrations, teaching us local cuisine, with the kids running to embrance us whenever we pass by.

Falling in love with this place is easy. Leaving is whats hard. We will make sure we do our best to conserve it while we are here, leaving as little footprints as we can. Leaving feeling lucky that we took part in something bigger than ourselves.

Misaotra, Nosy Be!

By Emilie Ausland - Madagascar Volunteer

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