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Cyclone Enawo Reaches  Camp

This week cyclone Enawo reached Madagascar bringing plenty of rain and wind to Nosy Be, which luckily was only on the fringes of the tropical storm and so was not hit as hard as other parts of the country. Camp held out against the wind and we only had to deal with a few palm fronds that fell from the trees while everyone kept out of the rain playing games and researching the species they would be seeing later that week.

The cyclone didn’t just bring changes in the weather, on Wednesday a huge flock of Lesser Frigatebirds arrived outside camp. Usually we would be see one or two ‘Sky Pirates’, so we were ecstatic to witness over 50 individuals riding the winds right in front of us. We were able to see them squabbling over fish before flying directly over camp in what was easily one of my most memorable wildlife moments in Madagascar so far.

When we were able to get back out into the forest we found that the rain had brought about some big changes and transformed our routes through the forest. To get to our survey sites we had to cross streams and rivers that had sprung up overnight, as well as climb over fallen trees. The local lemur troops must have found a safe place to ride out the storm as we found them drying out their fur in the sunshine.

By Adam Murphy – Madagascar Principle Investigator

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