Who do we teach?

We teach both children...

... and adults...

... who can then in turn become English teachers themselves!

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Farewell to 'Justin Beiber'!

Find out more about Frontier's Madagascar Teaching project.

Today we say goodbye to Justin Bieber aka Erin Waugh, who made such a good impression at one of her recent schools here in Madagascar, that 70 children made her going away letters - including one particularly passionate fan! Go Bieber - quality TEFL teacher who will be greatly missed


Parts of the body

Head, shoulders, knees and toes! - A great way for teaching body parts :)

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Madagascar Teaching

Our two new TEFL volunteers are already throwing themselves into English language tuition. They've been teaching colours at the local weekly community English language course and then taught 200 students with only two blackboards in an Introduction to English class given in Hellville!

Find out about teaching projects in Madagascar.

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