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Whales, Renewable futures and starving zoo animals: 25th July – 3rd August 2016

Last week the world graced us with both a good and a bad range of news. This week we are giving you the run down on the positive news that plastic bag usage has begun to plummet, the scientific discovery of a new whale species, the world’s first successful solar plane and the devastating impacts of the failing economy on Venezuelan zoos.

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Sea Turtle Egg Smugglers Busted, Shark Numbers Not What We Thought And Future Of UK Solar Unclear: 18th July - 24th July 2016

Two of the world's most impressive species took a blow last week as a major turtle egg poaching effort was foiled in Malaysia, and a new study revealed the shocking true numbers of Great White Shark around South Africa. Also it could be lights out for the UK Solar industry. Here's your weekly news roundup:

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TIP Leaks, Druridge Mine Gets The Go-Ahead And Kanagroo Island's Race To Renewables: 4th July - 11th July 2016

Last week has seen sustainability in jeopardy in the UK with environmentally threatening TTIP talks and the approval of an opencast coal mine on pristine Northumberland coast. Australia’s Kangaroo Island however is attempting to become one of the greenest places in the world! Here’s your weekly news roundup:

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Fishing, Flying And Flippin' Hot Weather | 9th - 15th May 2016

Another week has gone by and another week of interesting and important environment news. This week we’re looking at fishing, flying and flippin’ hot weather. Here’s your weekly Frontier environment news roundup.

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