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Rewilding, Bee Declines And Dolphin Discoveries: 15th – 22nd August 2016

The weeks seem to be flying by at the moment but that’s ok as that means it’s time for our Frontier news round up again! Last week we saw a whole host of positive news pieces related to species discoveries, recoveries and births and while we’ve witnessed a bit more of a mixed batch this week on the whole it’s still looking quite positive.

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Recoveries, Discoveries And Births: 8th August - 15th August 2016

Last week saw a number of brilliant discoveries, revelations, births and recoveries from species all across the globe! All-in-all, while there were some more negative news pieces too, the week was a resounding success and it definitely made a nice change to read positive piece after positive piece! So, here is our (rather upbeat) weekly Frontier news roundup:

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Whales, Renewable futures and starving zoo animals: 25th July – 3rd August 2016

Last week the world graced us with both a good and a bad range of news. This week we are giving you the run down on the positive news that plastic bag usage has begun to plummet, the scientific discovery of a new whale species, the world’s first successful solar plane and the devastating impacts of the failing economy on Venezuelan zoos.

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Frontier's Research Newsletter - Autumn, 2015 

Find out what has been happening in the field across our projects worldwide in Septembers newsletter. There's lots of exciting work going on so give it a read and find out how you can get involved!


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