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Work Shadowing Interview - Alana Gillard 

My last few days work experience at Frontier has given me a real insight into how an international business operates. Currently I am studying my last year of A-levels (Business, Geography and Psychology) with a view to go to University to study Business Management & Geography.

-  What interests you in the work that Frontier does?

I have always had an interest in abroad travel & learning about different cultures which is why Frontier seemed like the perfect place to get some work experience. The opportunities and vast range of projects & destinations offered by Frontier is incredible; their business model is tailored to work in many different countries doing a range of activities including volunteering, conservation, adventure holidays and gap year excursions; Frontier is therefore a diverse and exciting place to work.
-  What departments did you get to work shadow in during your time at Frontier?

I work shadowed in both marketing and the events departments at Frontier. By working in more than one department I was able to get a better picture of how a business operates and understand the need for a structured system.  Each department requires specialist knowledge and skills in order for a company like Frontier to run efficiency and I was given the freedom to choose what sort of work I wanted to do so to gain the most out of my time at Frontier.
-  How would you describe the headquarters and the staff that work there?

Frontier HQ operates efficiently and utilises specialised software and databases to manage the vast number of projects they offer; performing in such an efficient manner has been coupled with a friendly and supportive team at Frontier. The relaxed and fun atmosphere is a rare exception in such corporate organisations; this has really made the experience enjoyable. At first I was nervous of working in an unfamiliar and professional environment but all of the staff have been really eager to help and show real enjoyment in their work.
-  What was your favourite task you did during the work shadowing and why?

As a member of the generation fixed to technology and social networking, I identified with Frontier’s dedication to social media. I really enjoyed scheduling tweets for promotional events on their twitter, analysing their Facebook and Instagram pages as well as writing extracts for Frontier’s blog ‘Into The Wild’. These were fun activities and made me realise the importance of keeping up to date with marketing and promotional endeavours online. Social media is so dynamic and needs regular updates - something Frontier does very well!

-  What’s the most valuable thing you can take away from this experience?

My experience at Frontier has genuinely been invaluable. By being immersed into a company where you are given real responsibility with such encouragement has borne a sense of confidence in myself within a business setting which I don’t think could ever have been taught in a classroom. Working in this dynamic environment has taught me also to think laterally and logically.
-  Were there any skills you learned that you feel would be useful in a future job?

A better understanding for the operations and workings of an international business has been really useful for me. I am more aware of the importance of delegation because working as a team requires a different mindset to working individually: A skill imperative for a future career in business & commerce. I have extended my competence with Microsoft Excel (spreadsheets) and writing in formal prose for advertising and marketing. Both skills are worthwhile personal assets valuable for use in any future job.
-  What do you hope to do in the future and where do you see your career taking you?

I’d love to be able to use the work shadowing placement at Frontier to add to my personal experience portfolio, my future aspirations are to manage companies similar to Frontier or found my own business akin to Frontier’s success. Hopefully my career will take me to new places, meet new people & gain new experiences because after all you can never stop learning! For all that I have learnt in such a short space of time is remarkable. For this I am so grateful to Frontier and the fantastic team I worked with!

Frontier made me feel really welcome; I have friends who had work experience in companies where they were simply given a desk and a few menial tasks complete for the day- whereas at Frontier I love the fact that the work I do is so valuable for me as a person, but is actually really valued at the company itself too!

Find out more about our Work Shadowing Days in the London HQ.

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