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I’m one of the new marine conservation interns over in Beqa, Fiji and I have been here about a week now and am starting to get familiar with the ways of camp life. Many volunteers stay round 3 months on the conservation trip but some stay as much as 6 months in Beqa, and I can already see why; a combination of the diving and remote wildness of these islands holds a unique charm.

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Dives That Brighten Your  Day

Being in Beqa for more than 5 months has given me the chance to see a lot of incredible things underwater. While every dive is amazing in it’s own right, there are a few things that can make my day brighter if I happen to come across them.

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Beach Conservation And Open Water Training

The first thing that I noticed as soon as I touched down in Fiji was the huge change of pace to the life that I am used to, which I am very grateful for.

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A Trip To Kula Eco Park

In Fiji there are plenty of fun excursions that you can do at the weekend. Find out about a trip to the Kula Eco Park which is on Fiji's main island of Vitu Levi

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The Majesty Of The Open Ocean

The mornings are most likely the toughest part of the day. And no part of loud cockerels or angry glaring is going to change that. Everything seems so peaceful, so even through the roar of compressor or the bustle of people actually doing something, my state of zen maintains until I force my body to support my arms and get up.

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