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I’m one of the new marine conservation interns over in Beqa, Fiji and I have been here about a week now and am starting to get familiar with the ways of camp life. Many volunteers stay round 3 months on the conservation trip but some stay as much as 6 months in Beqa, and I can already see why; a combination of the diving and remote wildness of these islands holds a unique charm.

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Once Upon A  Whitetip

Every dive here at Beqa we do surveys, each dive site has its own unique, captivating marine life and coral species to be mesmerised by.

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Reef Management - What We Do Here

Probably the main aspect that the work that Frontier does on Beqa island has to do with fisheries management in and around the lagoon. In a community where the locals rely heavily on fishing for their day-to-day lives, the importance of being able to make sure that the reefs can resist all the fishing pressure becomes very obvious.

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The Majesty Of The Open Ocean

The mornings are most likely the toughest part of the day. And no part of loud cockerels or angry glaring is going to change that. Everything seems so peaceful, so even through the roar of compressor or the bustle of people actually doing something, my state of zen maintains until I force my body to support my arms and get up.

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