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Andy And Matt  Here!

Working for Mai Life Magazine has been great so far but the weekends are free for us to explore the beautiful sights of Fiji.

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A New Confidence In Diving 

On my first day in Beqa I wrote in my diary about how I longed to look as confident and capable at diving as the other volunteers, but feared I never could achieve it. I was bad. It had been over two years since I'd last worn a tank, and I'd forgotten so much. I couldn't kit up on my own, my buoyancy was shocking and I consumed all my air at an astonishing rate… It seemed hopeless.

But I worked on it... slowly. Everyone was patient. I took it one dive at a time. And gradually I got better. There were setbacks, mainly due to ear issues, but overcoming them helped my confidence grow. After a while I started leading dives, it felt great knowing I could look after myself under the water.  

In fact I became so confident that I was able to create my own invertebrate survey. This became my own little side project as an intern. Using my newfound buoyancy and reduced air consumption I was able to spend my time observing and identifying the invertebrates found on our sites so I could research their significance. After a few weeks of collecting baseline data I was able to start trialling several survey methods, adjusting them to meet my own requirements. And now as I prepare to leave the project I'm proud to say that my invertebrate survey is now a regular part of life in Beqa.

New volunteers will learn from my research, and that's something fantastic I've gained from this experience. But I believe my greatest achievement out here has been my diving. I came here with 10 dives, terrified of people finding out how anxious I was. And I'm leaving with just over 40 dives, feeling like the ocean has finally opened itself up to me. I plan to continue diving for many more years to come.

By Laura Bartlett - Short

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