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My Time On The Project

A year ago I was working in theatre as a designer. I have an educational background completely based in the arts and worked professionally for over six years. I had got to the point in my life where I decided that the path I was following want for me anymore and that a wanted to follow a different one.

Having been interested marine life from a young age, playing on the beach and exploring rock pools, I started looking into taking a part time course to explore further when I stumbled across the Frontier website and saw the Fiji Marine Conservation and Diving project. It seemed like the perfect opportunity for a completely new experience. To go to another part of the world and learn how to do things I’d never encountered before or ever thought would be possible. It was scary as I’d never been diving before and also had no real knowledge of marine science. But I was also extremely excited to start a new chapter in my life.

Since being here, I’ve learnt so much. My diving ability has come a long way and I now feel confident underwater. My first dive in the ocean was an amazing experience and opened up a whole new world for me. As part of the project I have also learnt to identify different types of fish, coral and other marine organisms. By combining these new skills I’ve been involved in taking surveys for the project and has helped me understand more about the ecological systems in the oceans.

The project has taken me from having known nothing about the science of the ocean to being directly involved in the research being used to discover more about it. After a month of being here in Fiji, I feel the project has built my confidence and I’m ready to start a new life learning more about the ocean and how it is changing.

By Katie Bellman - Marine and Diving Volunteer

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