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Andy And Matt  Here!

Working for Mai Life Magazine has been great so far but the weekends are free for us to explore the beautiful sights of Fiji.

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Say Hello To Our New Assistant Research Officer  Claire!

Hi my name is Claire and I am the new Assistant Research Officer. I like long dives amongst the coral and starry filled tropical nights but ANYHOOWWWW…I decided to come and work as an ARO after recently finishing my divemaster in Indonesia and realising that I wanted to spend a lot more time under the water than on top of the land

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Friendly  Fijians

I’ve been the Project Coordinator for Frontier Fiji Marine for just over a month now, and the one thing that I’m constantly amazed by is the friendliness and generosity of Fijian people.

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Arriving in  Fiji

Life on Fiji Marine can be pretty tough, particularly when you first arrive. I tell you this not as a warning, nor to scare you away from the project but simply to inform and prepare.

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Reflecting On My Time In  Fiji

Upon arrival into the land of Fiji, I had no idea what to expect and no idea what journey may lay before me, armed with only a few belongings and dive stuff, I ventured into the unknown.

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