Learning To Dive In  Fiji

My first three weeks in Fiji were spent participating in the ‘Marine Conservation’ project on Beqa island; a ruggedly beautiful landscape of cascading palm trees, draped mangroves and sun-drenched sand; lazily scattered amongst other islands in the azure depths of the Pacific Ocean.

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Cinnamon Coffees, Bananagrams and Sota  Tale

In the past two weeks we have welcomed a new volunteer, Bridget, to the Beqa camp for 3 weeks. Bridget has already completed her dive training in South America and is ready to start surveying as soon as she has passed her coral tests...

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Food Obsessed In  Fiji

This week’s blog has a definite focus on food because the camp’s food re-supply was delayed by a day meaning that all the volunteers and staff became a little obsessed with all the nice foods we weren’t able top make on Beqa.

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The Sad Reality Of  Plastics

According to a controversial report earlier this year, every single piece of plastic that has ever been created still exists today. While this may be an exaggeration, the problem of plastics in the seas is not one that can be ignored anymore.

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6 Brilliant Species Of  Beqa!

Being in Beqa for more than 5 months has given me the chance to see a lot of incredible things underwater. While every dive is amazing in its own right, there are a few things that can make my day brighter if I happen to come across them.

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