Finishing the  Phase

This week, we have been busy finalising data collection from our latest phase, which means lots of underwater surveying for our volunteers and staff.

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Sea Cucumber Monitoring in Beqa  Lagoon

Sea cucumbers, or Beche-de-Mere as they are referred to post-processing, are ‘unglamorous, turd-like invertebrates’ that play an essential role within a marine ecosystem

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Fiji Marine  Chronicles

This week the science team of FJM had a special mission alongside our important reef check monitoring surveys!

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Coral Reef Restoration in Vega  Bay

Coral reef restoration is becoming a popular method of marine conservation in response to the continued decline of corals and the acknowledgement that human intervention may be necessary in order to restore coral reefs to historically healthy states.

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5 Tips for new Travellers coming to  Fiji

Travelling is an adventure and where better to start your adventure than the beautiful islands of Fiji! It can be a daunting decision to make if you have never travelled alone before. I had very little experience in travelling when I decided to take the plunge, which resulted in me being a nervous wreck when I started my journey. Now I have settled into camp, I want to share a rundown of what to expect and encourage you to start your adventure of a lifetime with Frontier, without nerves or hesitation!

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