Reef Management - What We Do Here

Probably the main aspect that the work that Frontier does on Beqa island has to do with fisheries management in and around the lagoon. In a community where the locals rely heavily on fishing for their day-to-day lives, the importance of being able to make sure that the reefs can resist all the fishing pressure becomes very obvious.

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Learning The Fish And Dive Training

It has been two weeks since I first stepped foot into Fiji, and I have already learned a ton about the marine life unique to Fiji.

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New Project Coordinator - Jess Betts 

Meet Jess Betts, our new Project Coordinator in Fiji Beqa and learn aboput her past experience and what she's looking forward to in the next 6 months

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Marine Conservation And Diving

I decided to come on the marine conservation project in Fiji as I have just finished my undergraduate in marine biology and just about to move into my masters.

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First Trip Over To Beqa

Having been here five months and monthly sending volunteers and project staff in that direction I finally had the opportunity to go over to Beqa. I couldn’t previously because we always had volunteers in Suva – I couldn’t just up and leave them!

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