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A Busy Week In  Fiji

This week in Fiji we had a busy week with shark conservation volunteers, marine conservation volunteers, and even sports coaching volunteers who had come to spend some time in Beqa. This meant that the daily schedule was full of different activities and everyone was able to participate and help with those.

Our shark conservation volunteers conducted 2 shark surveys this week, and they found some sharks! They were even lucky enough to see a nurse shark, which is really rare, especially during the day as they are nocturnal animals. This was at a beautiful spot called sand bar, which is a black tip shark nursery ground where lots of sharks can be observed.

Our marine conservation volunteers have been busy studying their fish and coral species and have been practicing conducting some mock surveys with the help of our science staff here on the project. This means a lot of revision and a lot of diving! Those volunteers have been lucky to see 2 turtles this week and hopefully by next week they will be able to conduct surveys by themselves.

Our sports coaching volunteers have been helping the school-kids in a village called Naceva. They have been organising some rugby and volleyball games and the teachers have been really happy with this help. As a thank you, the kids danced to wish good luck to our 2 volunteers as they were going to leave the island soon.

Next week, more activities will take place, with a special focus on coral restoration as the recent storm has been damaging the reef in some areas.

By Doryan Givel - Project Manager

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