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One of my favourite things to do on a sunny weekend on Beqa is to go to the Milkybar beach. You can get to the beach by foot or swimming and it takes about 30 minutes to get there. All you need to bring for a swim there is your snorkel, fins and camera. When you get in the water in Vega bay, you can swim to the right along the shore and follow the house reef all the way up to the edge. It is a privilege to have such a beautiful reef in our bay. When you get to the edge of the bay and swim around the corner, the beach is not far away. At high tide, most of the beach is covered by water, but at low tide a beautiful golden beach appears with an overhanging palm tree and turquoise water. It has a swing and sunbeds you can borrow. Tourists sometimes visit the beach from the mainland and is known as paradise beach, but most of the time there are no people here.

After heating up at the beach after the swim there it is time to get back into the water for a snorkel. You find the coral reef right outside the beach. The water is clear and it is great for practicing some freediving surrounded by beautiful corals. My favourite activity is to take pictures of all the beautiful soft corals that look like underwater flowers. Here you also find the purple anemones with their clownfish on guard. Since the water is 30℃ it takes some time before you cool down again, but when you do it is nice to head back to the beach to hang out in the sun. I have already visited Milkybar many times and at one occasion, there were ripe papayas on the beach. We used a stick to get the papayas down and one of them we opened easily. It really gave me those tropical island feels when I was sitting on a beautiful beach in the sun digging my hand into a self-picked papaya.

In the afternoon, it is time to start the swim back, while snorkelling along the house reef again. If you are lucky you might catch a glimpse of a sting ray on the way back. If you time it right it is possible to stay a bit longer in the lagoon to catch one of the many beautiful sunsets on Beqa island.

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