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Adjusting to 'Fiji  Time'

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to travel to Fiji before, you may of heard the phrase ‘Fiji Time’ and I think that’s my favourite expression here, it simply means that life is slower here which is quite eye opening compared to the hustle and bustle of modern life in the UK.

Don’t get me wrong, life is relatively busy on camp but a different sort of busy compared to back home, you’re busy scuba diving and reading which is stuff usually reserved for free time in the UK but out here its full time work. I think it’s really refreshing as this calmness and simplicity of day to day life at camp really allows you appreciate what you have and focus on being happy with everyone around you.

Life isn’t always as gentle as the waves here on our local beach ‘Milky Bar’ however as on the weekend we get up to a storm, having the option to visit the ‘major’ cities here of Nadi and Suva which is significantly different to life on camp with the highlights being electricity and hot water.

Out here in Fiji I have particularly enjoyed is the social time here. As camp on life is basic (but yet sufficient!) it allows you to spend time focussing on other things like friends here, we regularly spend entire evenings simply playing cards and talking which is a very rare opportunity back home! I’ve been particularly surprised how easy it is smash through cultural restrictions and have made friends from Japan, Hong Kong, Belgium, Romania and America, friends which I intend to remain in contact with after my departure from this island paradise on Beqa.

Our camp is closely integrated with the local village of Naiseuseu with us going down to our camp mum Sowana’s house for a weekly dose of Fijian food, I’ve personally been lucky to have been able to attend a cooking lesson with her and the recipes I have learnt I will enjoy for many years to come. Her hospitality is second to none as we are always welcome to her house at any time, whenever I am down the village I always pop in to say Bula and am always greeted with warm bread and pleasant conversation!

My time is Fiji has gone by in a flash but am very thankful to been able to staying such a wonderful place with such wonderful people, I will miss my little slice of paradise called Beqa!

By Oli Moore - Fiji Marine Volunteer

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