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5 Tips for new Travellers coming to  Fiji

Travelling is an adventure and where better to start your adventure than the beautiful islands of Fiji! It can be a daunting decision to make if you have never travelled alone before. I had very little experience in travelling when I decided to take the plunge, which resulted in me being a nervous wreck when I started my journey. Now I have settled into camp, I want to share a rundown of what to expect and encourage you to start your adventure of a lifetime with Frontier, without nerves or hesitation!

1)      Flying alone is part of your experience

The flights to get to Fiji, depending on where you fly, from can be very long, usually with more than 1 layover but this can also be exciting! It’s time to catch the flights independently and then chill. You are on your way to paradise, you have an abundance of new movies, TV shows and music you can relax to. This time is the perfect opportunity to switch off from your usual hectic lives and prepare yourself for your project in Fiji.

2)      Arrivals

You should prepare to feel invited into Fiji with open arms whilst you’re flying over some of the most breath taking islands and reefs. Once you touch down in Nadi you will feel the warmth from both the tropical air and the Fijian people you meet. Walking through passport control, I witnessed a band playing songs to welcome us, instantly putting any nerves to rest.

3)      Meeting your new friends

If you’re not used to living in close proximity to at least 10 other people, this is what you will come to love! 3 days in camp feels like 3 months and you create strong friendships within minutes. Be prepared to make life long companions on your journey, this is one of the greatest parts of living without internet and television, we have to talk to each other (unheard of these days we know) and it’s a refreshing change and something everybody must experience!

4)      Adjusting to Camp life

I was apprehensive to learn that I would be on camp with basic food, no hot water, no electricity and sans hair straighteners! However, adjusting to camp life takes all of 2 days and you forget what hot water ever felt like. The weather is beautiful, diving in the ocean give you instant sea salt hair and the food is much tastier than I imagined. Everybody pulls together to ensure you adjust easily, it’s hard to picture ever going back to city life.  

5)      Enjoying every second

It’s certainly not hard to enjoy your time here but it’s important to embrace everything and get stuck in. Fijian families welcome you as one of their own, they will show you their way of life – impossible not to enjoy the company of happy people! Just remember, you are only here for a limited time and the project coordinators want to ensure you get the most out of your experience, the project is everything you make it. There is nothing to be nervous about, only excited and prepared to have the best time of your life.

By Lisa Thompson - Fiji Media and Journalism Intern

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