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Andy And Matt  Here!

Working for Mai Life Magazine has been great so far but the weekends are free for us to explore the beautiful sights of Fiji. This weekend we headed to Colo-I-Suva- a rainforest with walking trails, natural pools and rope swings. The bus ride from Suva bus station was only 15 minutes and entry was less than $5FJD- so all in all a cheap day out. The rainforest was absolutely stunning, and the trails included stepping stones through pools, bridges and incredible views overlooking the pools as we made our way down to the Lower pool. Families sat around at picnic tables around the pool while a group of Fijian locals showed off their Tarzan like abilities. The rope swung off an overhanging tree and left a 10-15 foot drop to flip or dive from. While we braved the jump almost straight away we had nothing on the locals who were swinging two at a time into synchronised back flips.  

Using the weekends to explore more of Fiji has really made this experience worthwhile. We still have plenty to see, and would definitely recommend planning your weekends to make the most of your free time. Equally though, a day spent relaxing on the beach is always appreciated.

By Andy Paul and Matt Rudd - Fiji Journalism Interns

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