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Fijian  Feast

The past week on the island of Beqa has been slow in terms of diving, because of the weather. Being in Fiji during the summer means you’re right in the middle of cyclone season which starts in November and continues through to April. Fortunately we haven’t had a cyclone!

But we have had several thunderstorms and a lot of rain. The rain and wind make the sea conditions too hazardous to take the boat out, so we haven’t been able to do as much diving as we’d have liked, though this doesn’t mean we haven’t still been busy!

On the second day of rain, we were invited to participate in a kava ceremony with the extended Mataqali family in Raviravi, one of the nine villages on the island. This is the biggest village close to camp and has a church, a school, a nurse and even a village shop for buying essentials (and cookies)! The kava ceremony went down really well, with all Frontier volunteers getting involved!

A few days later, the rain continued. This time we were invited to a lovo (traditional Fijian feast) in another village, this one called Naiseuseu. This village is only a 10 minute walk from camp, along the shore and behind the mangroves. The food was delicious – it was really great to try more traditional meals!

Finally we attended a school event in Raviravi. This was a really special occasion as Eliki (one of our family members on camp) was being presented with an award and being made school Head Boy! The school very generously held a tea party afterwards where we could try lots of different types of cake – it was such a treat!

However, the weather has now started to improve and we have started diving again! We’re all hoping the rain stays away for a while!

By Jess Betts - Fiji Project Coordinator

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