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Highlights from the Fiji Healthcare  Project

For my second week in Fiji, I was helping to run a summer programme at Suva Special Needs School and then in afternoons I went to Hilton Hostel to sit with the children there. At the Hilton Hostel, I was introduced to all of the children that were going to be there each day during their two week school holiday. This allowed them to recognise me and feel more comfortable when I went to visit again.

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Homestay In Fiji 

Healthcare volunteer Carina tells us what life is like in the Fiji homestay and on the project

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A Day In The Life Of A Healthcare Volunteer

Find out how rewardinging an experience being a healthcare volunteer can be in this look at an average day at the Hilton Special School out in Fiji.

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Healthcare Volunteering in Suva 

'Touring Suva’s main hospital brought home the problems with funding and equipment presumably faced by many of Fiji’s health departments, especially in the wake of cyclone Winston'

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Healthcare Volunteering in Fiji 

As a Healthcare Volunteer, as soon as I arrived in Fiji I was told I will be working in PJ Twomey Hospital, a new local project. Straightaway I was extremely keen to find out more!

Brittany and Sophia soon took me on a short visit to the hospital where I was introduced to Dr Sakiusa Mainawalala, the Superintendent of the PJ Twomey. His passion for the project was really inspiring, making me very keen and excited to begin my placement.

The following day I started. Firstly, a tour of the hospital and the opportunity to meet all of the staff. Everyone really welcomed me and this certainly got rid of those nerves.

I learned the hospital has four parts: TB, Leprosy, and Rehabilitation Wards, as well as a Skin Clinic Centre that is used every Wednesday and Friday. The Skin Centre allows the hospital to provide free skin clinic days for anyone seeking medical attention that they just cannot find in their small villages.
Overall, my experience so far has given me the chance to learn about illnesses I haven’t had the opportunity to research before. With all the staff so happy to teach me and include me in day-to-day activities, I’ve learned far more here in Fiji then I ever could at home.

By Charlotte Silvester - Healthcare Volunteer

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