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Island Living with a  Conscience

Fiji is well aware of the affects of global issues like climate change and rubbish, as islands are disappearing and deserted beaches are found covered in plastics. This weekend the volunteers took a trip to Leleuvia Island Resort and got a taste of a resort leading the way in sustainable living.

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I headed back over to the marine camp on Beqa for the Christmas festivities – without any volunteers in Suva I thought it may be a bit lonely! The boat this time was glorious! Calm sea, blue sky and just a tiny bit of sea spray. Nothing like my previous crossing!

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The Effects Of Climate Change In Fiji

As climate change becomes a topic at the forefront of many peoples minds we look to one of the nations that rising sea levels could effect the most; Fiji.

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Updates From Fiji In 2015

Fiji has been a hallmark of Frontier's global volunteering projects for successful years. 2015 was just such a year for our volunteers and projects. Find out what we got up to...

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Hammerhead Shark Dissection 

After more than two months in Fiji I have done some pretty amazing things. From swimming with bull sharks and sea turtles to fish surveying and hammerhead shark tagging. I have learned an incredible amount of information about all aspects of the marine environment and ecosystem.

Most recently though I was able to learn and assist in a hammerhead shark dissection at The University of the South Pacific along with other volunteers Sarah and Lyndsay. Never having dissected a shark before, this was an awesome experience, especially after working with USP's baby scalloped hammerhead shark tagging project.

Sarah, Lyndsay, and I all learned how to properly dissect and remove the stomach from the baby hammerheads and identify and weigh the stomach contents. In addition, we learned how to collect tissue and spine samples for testing and further research.

After an amazing trip here in Fiji, this shark dissection was a memorable way to end my last few weeks. I can't wait to see what adventures come my way next!

By Lena Block - Fantasy Gap Year Volunteer

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