Volunteer Blog: Leah Quinn

From stepping off the plane in Nadi on the 3rd January I was immediately welcomed by the local Fijians with "BULA" and dancing. I stayed in a great hostel in Nadi for a few days where I relaxed and recuperated before heading over to Suva. I met our project co-ordinator, Rowena, and the other volunteers at the airport on the 6th January. As soon as I met everyone I knew I felt comfortable and excited, we then made the journey over to Suva which was easy and organised.

When we arrived in Suva we headed to our home stay, at first I was nervous and did not know what to expect but as soon as we arrived I instantly felt part of the family. We were welcomed by 'Master' and 'Mumma' and the rest of the lovely family and then had our first dinner and went to sleep. The next morning we all took a trip around the City of Suva and had a restful day, in the evening we had our 'welcoming ceremony', it was so different and exciting. We all drank Kava which was again a new experience but a fun one.

I am taking part in the teaching project, I started this project today which consisted of meeting the head teacher, a brief of the project and meeting the teachers. The project sounds great and I am already enjoying it.

So far I am absolutely loving Fiji and this new lifestyle, I can't wait to continue this adventure for the next 4 weeks. I'm not sure I will want to go home.

By Leah Quinn, Teaching volunteer

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