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First Day At  Work

My first morning awakening in Fiji was a dazed morning. After over 40 hours of travelling I was finally on Paradise Island with jet lag but it was still heavenly.  Everyone else was up before me; I slowly brought myself onto my feet and pulled myself out of bed. The first thing I wanted was a shower. Luckily enough, this bad boy was ice cold - just what I needed to wake me up. After a few one legged dances in the shower trying to withstand the ice blasts, I quickly got dressed. Breakfast was fresh bread toasted and spread with margarine and jam. Who knew butter and margarine were different? Thanks, New Zealand!

My project co-ordinator guided me to my workplace along with the two other journalism volunteers. One of the dogs, Rocky, that stays at the homestay even decided to see me off to work too, joining us for the stroll! The walk lasts around 20 minutes but is quite beautiful. You’ll pass stunningly aged trees and small forests, as well as tiny homes and restaurants.

Cover Story Ltd’s building is so refreshing to enter. It’s a spacious little building surrounded by white walls and expressive Fijian paintings. I shadowed my fellow volunteers for the first few hours then went to lunch with them. I managed to grab myself so much food for just £4! I was dining like a queen on a budget. The volunteers also showed me where to get the best donuts and even yummier cream buns in town.

Once we returned to the office, I was given my first task. I was quickly told that I’d be interviewing an artist for Mai Life’s art feature the following morning. Yikes! I immediately began drafting some interview questions and e-mailed them over to the staff writer. Once the day was done, I decided to go to the cinema in Suva with my newly formed friends. Ironically enough, we decided to see 47 metres down. I could feel the city slyly poking fun at me for being thrown into the deep end myself.

After the film, we grabbed a taxi back to the homestay. After a quick catch up with everyone else and a sleepy Facebook call with the boyfriend, I quickly found myself tucked up in bed for the night. It was only the second night of sleep though, and of course I’d awake again at 1am. At 4am. At 6am…

By Simone Kelly - Fiji Media & Journalism Intern

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