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Bauisevu  Waterfall

Fiji is full of hidden treasures and after a tip of from a local we went to go and find one – Bauisevu waterfall. Located on the road along the Coral Coast (the same road you get the bus from Nadi to Suva along) about half way between the two cities is a sign advertising the falls.

Unless you’re looking for it you won’t see it! What you might notice instead is the Korovo airport – definitely not an airport, it’s in between the rainforest and main road, a tiny little run down building.

When we got off the bus the bus driver was kind enough to find a driver to take us into the mountains and to the village on the river the falls feeds into. The drive through the trees was beautiful, valleys of lush vegetation either side gave the drive that little more excitement as the road was fairly thin!

To get to the waterfall our guide took us weaving through the forest, crossing the stream nine times – really testing my sense of balance when walking on stones under the water, it’s much harder than it looks! Approaching the falls you could hear the water crashing over into the pool.

I’d like to say we jumped straight in but the water was freezing! So, we timidly ambled towards the fall getting deep very quickly so we just had to dip under and get completely wet and cold! It was almost impossble to swim under the water, the force was just too much! Once we had got under from the side sitting under the falls was like a massage on our backs, aggressive but good! We didn’t last very long in the cold but it was refreshing after the hot day, and the fresh water was much nicer than salty sea water.

By Kat Barber - Project Coordinator

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