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Getting Busy In  Fiji

It’s starting to get busy here again in Fiji after the Christmas lull in volunteers and whilst it’s always nice to have company, the best part about new volunteers is the enthusiasm they bring for their projects. This year so far our teaching, sports coach and journalism interns have brought heaps of energy for their placements.

With our teacher splitting his time between the primary school in year 7 and the secondary school with years 9 and 10. Normally our teachers stay in the primary school and teach within a single class (yea group of their choosing) over a multitude of subjects. In this case however our volunteer has some experience tutoring secondary students and asked if it was possible to do similar here with older students. So, we did our best to see if this could happen! The secondary school looked at his experience and talked through the expectations with him – as the year 10s have exams at the end of the year so the principle had to make sure he was up to the job! Now he helps out during early morning sessions on Mondays and assists in classes some afternoons a week whilst still having fun at the primary school the rest of the time.

Our first sports coach of the year also goes into the primary school – he follows the sports timetable so assists with all year groups and classes for their P.E. lessons. This gives sports coaches the opportunity to teach new sport to the school or follow what the class teacher would normally do. Sports coaches have a lighter timetable than the teachers but this gives lots of opportunities to plan for extra lessons or tournaments after school! He also helps at a local soccer academy in the evenings. This is great because he gets to work with a professional sports coach who used to work within the Ministry of Sport here in Fiji – getting tips and tricks from an expert to use in school! 

The media and journalism intern gets to see the best of everything! He’s currently doing a little bit of filming for a local magazine we work with – this morning he was lucky enough to film an interview with the Olympic Gold winning Sevens captain Osea Kolinisau! He’ll also be following our other volunteers round to catch a glimpse into their projects and day to day life, producing videos, blogs, photo galleries and other titbits for you to see. Make sure you look out for them so that you can have a little look at life on the projects before you get out here!

By Kat Barber - Project Coordinator

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