First ever wedding held on camp!

This weekend FJM hosted a very special event…the first ever wedding to be held on a Frontier camp. The bride and groom, Tom and Rina, decided they wanted to experience a typical Fijian wedding. 

The whole village was involved and the locals and volunteers built a wedding bure, prepared a traditional lovo feast, collected coconuts and decorated the camp with flowers. Tom and Rina wore traditional Fijian dresses made from tree bark and the service was conducted by our resident preacher Mala. Following the service the lovo was served and then all the guests and the happy couple celebrated with a Kava ceremony. 

Tom and Rina had a very special wedding and we were all very lucky to be involved in such a memorable day. We wish them both all the best for the future and hope that Frontier Fiji will always hold a special place in their hearts. Congratulations!

Wedding Preparations

The bride Rina and ARO Caroline weave coconut leaves around the wedding bure posts.

The girls collected 100 coconuts to make coconut rice and curry!

Digging a hole and collecting wood for the huge lovo pit!

Building the wedding bure!

Locals and volunteers help decorate the camp, even the smallest children were helping!

The flowers looked spectacular and were all picked locally in the jungle.

The food was nearly all cooked in the logo pit!

All the volunteers and staff were involved in getting everything ready for the big day!

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