Project Manager blog: My first week!

I arrived a week ago into the paradise country of Costa Rica! My role is to oversee the Forest and Teaching projects here in and to make them as successful as possible by making local partnerships, ensuring volunteer satisfaction and creating as large and positive an impact as possible here on the environment and community.

When you come here you will be overwhelmed by the colours and variety of tropical animals. I have had many “WOW!” moments already even just walking down the street of the small but perfectly formed town of Puerto Jimenez (with which Teaching volunteers will quickly become familiar). The giant Iguanas casually munching on overripe fruits under a towering mango tree, Red Macaws like those you see in story books majestically flying overhead and the delicious burritos served up with fresh ingredients served on the beach at sunset.

I also visited the school this week where our volunteers work which is conveniently located more or less over the wall of the volunteer house!  The school teaches about 30 children but it is desperate for staff and help so your efforts here will be guaranteed to make a huge difference! I look forward to welcoming you all once you arrive!

By Harriette Rothwell, Project Manager

Find out more about the Costa Rica Teaching project.

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