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Couch Positions

Naps are essential to get you through the day, but with the weather always being scorching hot, sometimes sleeping in a room is not an option. In the volunteer house we have one big couch that sits 3 people, perfect for a solo nap, and 2 smaller couches. People are always sitting in the big couch, so once in a blue moon will you get to have a full body nap on the couch. However, the two smaller couches are always available.

These two couches are not the most comfortable couches in the world, but if you position yourself correctly you can have a decent power nap. Today I am going to show you the most comfortable positions to try while napping on the couches…

1.    The Running Man
- Make sure you run through your dreams with your WOES.

2. The Assassin
- In case you want to shoot some bullets, make sure you point away from people  

2.    The Helicopter
- Make sure you keep your neck rested on the edge of the sofa.

3.    The Buddha
- This position gives you peaceful dreams.

4. The Resting Face
- I do not recommend putting your nose against the sofa’s arm…

Whichever position you choose to use, make sure your neck is comfortable because it can get tense. Also, sweet dreams!

By Estrella Vargas - Media and Journalism Intern

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