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It's All Happening In Costa  Rica

After these though days things took a turn for the better. I had an exciting visa run to Boquete (Panama) and after that the weather started to change. And who doesn´t wake up happy with a constant sunshine?!

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Carate After The Storm

You’ve probably heard about hurricane Otto and how the storm affected the northern part of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Before the storm hit it was unclear if the Osa Peninsula was in danger, this is why our Frontier team got evacuated on an airplane after two weeks of heavy rain and no transportation in and out of Carate.

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Laundry Day On Camp

Anyone who is leaving the project after a significant period of time will tell you that one of the main stresses of camp is the highly coordinated and deeply important activity of washing and drying laundry. Now, to the reader this task is one of the simplest household chores there is, but take away the washing machine, dryer and an environment devoid of humidity, you get a completely different situation.

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