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A Trip To Town

Despite my love for our little jungle camp, buried in the heart of the Osa Peninsula, sometimes it’s nice to get a taste of civilisation again, and with the town of Puerto Jiminez (the biggest on the peninsula) a single collectivo ride away, what better place to go?

To be honest ‘a single collectivo ride’ doesn’t tell the full story, and the journey to town is actually like sitting through a two-hour minor earthquake, with every bump in the road being felt in full force when you’re sitting in the back of the rickety collectivo. And when I say ‘bump’ I mean Costa Rican bump, all of which could easily be mistaken for a small valleys, so when you finally clamber down and plant your feet onto the solid ground of Puerto Jiminez, it is not uncommon to hear sighs of relief exhale from your fellow passengers.

The first thing on most of our agendas (bar the vegetarians) was to find some meat. This may sound ridiculous, but as much we love the vegetarian cuisine on camp, it’s still fantastic to indulge in something as simple as bacon. Anyway, we set off to our hostel, dropped our bags after receiving a huge smile and greeting from the owner after we told him we worked for Frontier, and headed out to get some chicken quesadillas, fruit smoothies, and frappes. We were aiming to treat ourselves this weekend, so it’s safe to say we started how we meant to go on.

After that we browsed through some thrift shops, with the girls among our group delighted to find Levi jean shorts available for as little as $2, before stopping for a beautifully ice cold Coca Cola. After trying and failing to explain to a local barman what rugby was, and whether he had the Six Nations available on the television, we headed to the beach. On the way we stopped off at a local craft shop, where all the products were made locally and sustainably, and where once again we were greeted with a beaming smile after it was discovered we were working with Frontier (who doesn’t love us, ay?).

The beach itself leads onto the Golfo Dulce, the Gulf which separates the Osa Peninsula from the Costa Rican mainland, and I won’t be lying when I tell you it’s probably the best body of water most of us have been in. With a surreal backdrop, a relatively quiet beach, and the sea as warm as a heated swimming pool, it is tempting to spend days on end simply sitting in it and contemplating your love for all things Costa Rican.

That night we slept in our hostel, grateful to have it filled with fans, and the next day we essentially repeated the previous days schedule, but in reverse. Beach, thrift shopping, eating copious amounts of meat, and then getting the bumpy ride back to camp – a successful weekend all round. Who needs city breaks when you have Puerto Jiminez?

By Alistair Ross - Field Communications Officer

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