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New  Discoveries

Jim slowly pops open a tiny tupperware box sitting on the table. All of us gathered around the table slowly lean in, ready for the much anticipated surprise he brought to share with us. Hidden amongst scrunched up tissue he picks out an insect. Dark brown in colour with two large front pincers. This is one of three found specimens of its species. This being the only one still living.

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Leafcutter Ants - The Formidable Farmers of Costa Rica's  Rainforests

When you arrive at Camp Osita, one of the first creatures you will probably encounter is the leafcutter ant (Atta cephalotes). These intrepid forest-specialists can be found across most of Central and Southern America, and are seen across the forests near camp.

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The Wonders Of The Osa Peninsula

After spending two weeks in the Osa Peninsula Costa Rica, I have seen an uncountable amount of animals, insects, primates, reptiles etc. Compared to England the bio diversity here is un believable!

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