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A Visit To The Chocolate  Farm

As fantastic as the jungle camp life is; it’s always a nice treat catching the bumpy collective ride into Puerto Jimenez for a fun filled weekend. Kicking it off as we meant to go on – enjoying a nice meal with the others, washed down by a couple’a cold ones, all accompanied by addictive card games.

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The Apres-Survey 

Imagine this: you’ve just got back from your morning survey, so let’s say it is about 9 o’clock in the morning, and barring the odd species presentation here, or cooking duties there, you have the rest of the day to play with. You have time on your side, and the Osa Peninsula is your oyster, so what do you do? Well we’re a lively group you know, a ball of energy in this quiet and serene jungle setting, so luckily for you there’s undoubtedly going to be a whole host of things to do on offer...

The Classic Chill

Ahem, so with all that said about us being a rip-roaring bunch, the chances are that, after an early start, maybe it would be best to have a bit of down-time, no? Well, with a whole host of hammocks to choose from you can snooze away, my friend. Alternatively, if a midday nap doesn’t really take your fancy, then you have the Frontier Jungle Library to dip into. Current holdings include The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Bundera (‘a dark and brilliant achievement’ – Ian McEwan), cult classic 1984 by George Orwell (‘enthralling and indispensable for understanding modern history’ – New York Review of Books), and, of course, How To Teach Quantum Physics To Your Dog by Chad Orzel (‘readers who’ve shied away from popular treatments of physics in the past may find his cheerful discussion a real treat’ – Publishers Weekly). Library cards available on request.

Exercise Baby!

Here at Frontier Costa Rica we’re all completely muscle-clad.  We are a group of rippling and burly volunteers who either pump bamboo weights from dawn to dusk or are forever running along the beach at a constant speed of 17 miles per hour, toning those legs and buns. Hadn’t you heard? No? That’s probably because it’s all complete and utter tosh, but we do try. We currently have a small number of exercise classes going, ranging from the most bizarre display of squat-stretching you’ll ever see (like peacocks, minus the feathers and majesty, and with added groans) to a far more normal circuit class. However, the real camp favourite is sunset beach yoga. I know, I know, it’s your three favourite things all at once, right? Sunsets, beaches AND yoga. Hell, if we’re not pioneers in the exercise industry, then frankly I don’t know who is.

Experimental Cookery 101

You would think, given the basic kitchen facilities and lack of common ingredients, that the range of meals and snacks available to us would be significantly limited. Think again. Our joint creativity and fearlessness in the kitchen has led to some culinary delights that would not only put Heston Blumenthal to shame, but probably out of business too (we may be in a secluded and isolated part of the world at the moment, but we’ll get you one day, Heston). Recent episodes of the Great Jungle Bakeoff have delighted us with off-coloured and sausage-shaped churros, honey-oat-flour-mash cookies, a choco ‘n’ slime flan-cake, and quite impressively, some very normal and passable chocolate brownies. You don’t know what you’re missing.

Well, there we have it, an insight into just some of the activities available to our eager and enthusiastic camp. Now now, don’t get too jealous, you can join us after all.

By Alistair Ross - Field Communications Officer

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