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Crazy Cool Birds At  Camp

Costa Rica is known for its beautiful biodiversity and our Frontier jungle camp is situated right in heart of this biological wealth.

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Birds Of The Osa

There is a stunning variety of birds here on the Osa Peninsula, from the charismatic Scarlet macaws and Chestnut-mandibled toucans, to the colourful manakins and mysterious owls; like the Spectacled owl which makes an ominous call that sounds like a large sheet of tin being shaken (we often hear this owl on camp late at night)

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Welcome To Camp, Now Learn Your Birds

We conduct daily surveys in Carate for wildlife research on a portion of the species found on the Osa Peninsula. Along with surveying the primates, amphibians and reptiles, poison dart frogs, sea turtles, and mammal tracks, we also survey birds. So how do we remember so many calls?

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Family Camp Life 

Seatbelt tightly fastened, the pilot grinning cheesily and us passengers exchanging nervous laughter as we took off, the tiny propeller plane wobbling worryingly as it gained speed. I gazed from my little window at the sprawl of rusty coloured houses and winding roads of Alajuela below, thickly forested mountains stretching into the distance.

We flew into the hot dusty town of Puerto Jimenez over Golfo Dulce – a gorgeous bay of still green water, shimmering in the sunlight. Unbelievably beautiful! Within minutes of wondering the streets of Jimenez, a rainbow coloured flash swooped above my head – a scarlet macaw! I was warned I’d soon become sick of their ungraceful screeching.. two weeks on and I still crane my neck into the sky, in awe of their vivid colours.  One thing that struck me about the jungle really is the colours – trees in every shade of green, from lime to emerald; birds with feathers so intensely bright they almost don’t seem real; butterflies the size of small birds dappled in orange and red patterns.

Life on camp is sweet - we’re like one big unlikely family, spending long hot afternoons lazing about, flipping pancakes, mastering the art of hammocking and recognizing birds by their calls. I’ve even gotten used to the outrageously early starts – some mornings our alarms start ringing at 3.30am! Under a huge black sky littered with thousands of stars, howler monkeys making their usual racket from the canopy above, we set off down the track en route to Leona Ecolodge.

Armed with rakes and shovels (the shovels proving particularly useless for the job) we head into the peaceful sunlit forest – a sweaty morning of clearing the trails of leaf litter is due. Our work doesn’t go unrewarded though, back at the lodge we spend the afternoon overdosing on ice tea and lounging in the river like mermaids (although considerably less elegant and pretty sunburnt). Adrian calls us over to a pile of stones behind the kitchen and we indulge in the pretty gruesome performance of a HUGE boa constrictor slowly squeezing a cane toad to death, it’s eyes bulging from their sockets in sheer terror. Rather the toad and not me..

Evening by the lagoon. Taking in the misty red sunset in a moment of stillness, Lara’s homemade cookie ice cream in one hand, a book in the other. Life is good...

By Tesni Clare - Wildlife Conservation Volunteer

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