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Meet Our New Assistant Research Officer  Adam!

I really want to build up my work experience and get a much more hands-on approach to conservation research, and for an ecologist, Costra Rica is incredible because it’s so biodiverse! It’s an opportunity to expand my career at the same time as travelling.

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Camp Critters

When you consider living in the jungle, there is something that seems to hold most people back…the critters. But once you learn what they are and undertsand their boundaries, you can start to embrace jungle life.

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An Interview With: Assistant research Officer, Rebecca

Read this interview with Assistant Research Officer Rebecca to find out what life is like working in Costa Rica and why she chose to go there:

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Welcome To Camp, Now Learn Your Birds

We conduct daily surveys in Carate for wildlife research on a portion of the species found on the Osa Peninsula. Along with surveying the primates, amphibians and reptiles, poison dart frogs, sea turtles, and mammal tracks, we also survey birds. So how do we remember so many calls?

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My Six Months in Carate

Volunteer Nie Williams spent 6 months in the Costa Rican jungle - shes talks us through everything she did, including seeing an Ocelot!

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